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Bear Hunting with Hounds

Maine bear hunting with hounds is a fast paced, exiting and sometimes physically demanding hunt. Here at Laneys Guide Service we pride ourselves in Maine bear hunting with the best hounds in the business. Myself and my guides all own and raise our own hounds. We are true houndsmen in every sense of the word. The hunt will take place in downeast Maine.

We generally start the chase from one of our many active bait sites at daylight, utilizing a vast network of logging roads. At times we also will walk the dogs into old apple orchards or onto oak and beach ridges to start tracks, whatever it takes to ensure a quality hunt. Maine bear hunting with hounds generally leads to the largest black bear harvest of the season. Bears too educated to be harvested over bait, like the 605 pound monster harvested by Mike Maglio in the fall of 2007 or the 480 pound giant shot by Mike Fuhrman in 2012, can be taken with the aid of our top notch hounds.

We take 3-4 hound hunters per week and never hunt into late October. I feel it is more important to provide you with the best possible hunt. In the fall of 2012 we guided 13 hound hunters and harvested 13 bears, all over 200 pounds. The numbers don’t lie and our reputation speaks for itself. If you are interested in first class Maine bear hunting with hounds give us a call. A $500 deposit is required when booking. A second payment of $500 is due july 1. The balance is due upon arrival.

Bear hunting with hounds
$2500 5 days.