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Guiding is our passion.

It’s not a hobby.

It’s not a part-time job. It is our job!



Laney’s Guide Service is located in the town of Grand Lake Stream. It’s a sportsman’s paradise, and a mecca for hunting black bears, bobcats, and white-tailed deer. In addition to hunting, it’s a hotspot for landlocked salmon and lake trout fishing, as well as the ideal location for many other recreational activities.

We specialize in hunting black bears over bait and with hounds, and bobcat hunting with hounds. However, this is just a fraction of the world-class hunting and fishing opportunities that we offer.

Much of our guiding for hunting and fishing takes place on land managed by the Downeast Lakes Land Trust, and the Woodie Wheaton Land Trust. These natural resources are managed and conserved to provide hunting opportunities and healthy fish and wildlife populations, for today’s hunters and anglers, and future generations. The Grand Lake Stream region is an active forest with sustainable management, and selective timber harvesting results in the production of ample food sources for black bear and white-tailed deer. It also provides ideal cover for small game such as snowshoe hares, and thus aids in bolstering our bobcat populations.

The abundance of black bears in Downeast Maine has increased over the past few years, and here at Laney’s Guide Service we have had the privilege to harvest some of the largest bears ever recorded in Maine. Our largest harvested bears have ranged from 480 pounds to 600 pounds!!

Guiding is our passion, and we spend every day of the year in the field searching for wildlife, game trails, scat – you name it. All of this knowledge and experience assists in ensuring a quality hunt for you. With our guide service, you are more than just a number. You are friends who share our zest for the outdoors, the thrill of the chase, and those we create a memorable hunt with. This vision, and our high success rate is what has generated a long list of repeat clients.

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