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Guiding is our passion.

It’s not a hobby.

It’s not a part time job. It is our job!

White-tailed Deer Hunting

Maine has a reputation for huge white-tailed deer, but harvesting one is not an easy task. I have various locations statewide to hunt deer depending on your style and hunting needs. If you are familiar with the use of maps, compasses, and GPS we will travel almost anywhere in search of a trophy buck and hunt in some big woods. Here in Washington County, not only do we have big-bodied deer but also the best antlers in Maine. I spend most every day in the woods and always have my sights set on a few of these big woods giants. We have stands located in many of these prime areas. We offer semi-guided and one-on-one white-tailed deer hunting. We will not just take you to a stand stuck out in the middle of nowhere, and pick you up at dark like many outfits do. We will hunt with you to give you the best opportunity for a shot at a big Maine whitetail. We take 2 to 3 hunters per guide, maximum.


Semi-guided – $1500.00; $300.00 deposit.

One-on-one – $2500.00; $500.00 deposit.

5-day hunt, Monday – Friday.