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Guiding is our passion.

It’s not a hobby.

It’s not a part time job. It is our job!


Paul Laney owns and operates Laney’s Guide Service out of Grand Lake Stream, Maine. Paul’s story and reputation is that of pure Northwoods lore and a passion for the outdoor and guiding industry.

Paul spends nearly 365 days a year in the woods and on the waters of downeast Maine. In the Spring, Paul runs a beaver line which covers three counties, and he commonly catches 200-300 beaver in a month. When the work of preparing the catch for sale is done, Paul immediately jumps in the stern seat of a Grand Lake canoe and spends nearly 7 days a week there.

In April he can be found chasing landlocked salmon and lake trout on East and West Grand lakes. Come May the operation moves to Forest City where Paul still works at Wheaton’s lodge, guiding almost everyday, fishing for salmon, trout and world class smallmouth bass fishing for the months of May, June and July.

Come late July the Paul switches gears to bear mode. The month of August is spent training hounds  lugging bait and hanging tree stands. And of course September and early October is when the bear hunt is in full swing.

Around the 10th of October, Paul retrieves his bird hunting boots and takes to the field with his fine pointing dogs in search of grouse and woodcock. Come November, it’s back to the trap line where pine marten, fisher, otter and beaver are the target species, and of course, there’s the never ending quest for giant big woods whitetail bucks.

As soon as December hits, Paul and his Plott Hounds take to the woods to chase his true passion, bobcat hunting with hounds. This is what Paul lives for. It is a hunt and an experience that no words can truly describe.

So the years fly by in Grand Lake Stream. Every month and every mile lead to new adventures