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Guiding is our passion.

It’s not a hobby.

It’s not a part time job. It is our job!

Maine Moose Hunts

Our fully guided moose hunts take place in Wildlife Management Zones 11,18, and 19. Being drawn for a Maine moose hunting permit is likely a once in a lifetime experience, so choosing Laney’s Guide Service to assist you harvesting a moose is definitely in your best interest.

Our guides and myself spend every day in the woods and on the water, which allows us to locate some big bull moose far in advance to the hunt. We utilize the vast waterways and logging road networks to bring you close to a trophy bull.  

If the weather is warm during your hunt week, we like to take advantage of our endless streams and rivers, and hunt out of a boat or canoe by calling the moose into large bog areas. Under normal rut conditions, we will move around to various “hot spots” by foot to call and hunt from.

Once the animal is harvested, we have all the necessary equipment needed to get the moose out of the woods, and we also have a top-notch butcher close by. 



Rate: $4000.00  

6-day hunt; Lodging included for shooter.